The Quest for Guilt-Free Flavor

Call us crazy, but, we don’t think the only beverage options available to you when you go out for a fun night with friends, or a romantic dinner with your partner, or just when you want something refreshing during your day, should be those full of either alcohol or sugar (and *yikes* sometimes both!). There’s got to be something besides beer, cocktails, soda, and energy drinks, right? Something that’s not just tap water?

We started making InfiniTEA Kombucha after many years of home brewing and enjoying kombucha in places all over the country. We love the sweetly tart tang of kombucha and the limitless flavor potential, but found in our adventures that quality among brands varied wildly. Too wildly. It got to the point where our expectation for new kombuchas got pretty low, and the quest stopped being fun. It became our mission to make the cleanest, liveliest, most flavorful kombucha we could make. Something by us, for us, that satisfied our, ahem, picky tastes. Something we would drink.

So, we started with the best ingredients we could find, and began meticulously testing brewing methods to strike the perfect balance of tart and sweet that we find so appealing in “good” kombucha. Then we add flavors that excite and inspire us, like cherry, mint, orange, basil, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, anise, and more. Sometimes classic, sometimes weird, always delicious. While we’ll forever be on the journey to perfect our kombucha, we love what we’ve created and think you might too.

The Unabridged Story

InfiniTEA really began years ago as part of a family shift toward healthier lifestyle choices. It was brought about by Hannah’s decision to listen to herself and her body and hone in on some of the things that had made her feel unwell her whole life. She found that certain foods aggravated her complex symptoms and began to avoid them, to great results. She continues to successfully manage her condition through lifestyle choices (and loves to talk about it in case you’re interested).

Along the way, we discovered the delight of both kombucha and a hacked Sodastream. Sparkling water and kombucha spritzers and mocktails became a regular part of our life. For a while, we were the weird family that ordered soda water and lemon all round when going out for dinner. Then it seemed like almost overnight, we were no longer the only ones ordering sparkling water at the restaurant or buying it at the store (don’t worry, we’re still weird for many other reasons). The flavor options and brands exploded. Without us realizing, it had quickly become much more normalized to skip soda or alcohol. It took a few years, but this shift also began happening the social sphere too. It was no longer odd to order something nonalcoholic or low-sugar.

After much deliberation, much testing, and even more tasting, we decided that since we were doing a lot of the work for kombucha anyway, and that our reputation for flavor has been well-established as part of the Mad Goat Coffee team, that we could probably formalize a process and do better than a lot of other places just trying to cash in.

Thus, InfinTEA was born.