Why Kombucha?

Over the past several years, as the many negative impacts of alcohol and sugar come to light, millions of people are beginning want a lot more from their beverage options. Non-alcoholic beers and mocktails are in higher-than-ever-demand at bars and restaurants, and “alternative drinks” are flying off the shelves of stores everywhere. However, there still aren’t enough choices, in enough places, and certainly not with high-quality ingredients and exciting flavors.

As a fermented tea drink, kombucha sits happily in the alternative drink market. We’ve been brewing and enjoying kombucha for many years, and have been very happy to see its popularity explode. Unfortunately, consistent quality has not followed. Many people have been turned off by the “funk” that can sometimes accompany bad kombucha (it’s actually improper fermentation). This is really unfortunate, because kombucha is really the perfect drink to fill this void. It’s great on it’s own or mixed into non-alcoholic “mocktails.” It just has to be done right.

That’s what we’ve tried to do, beginning with great tea and organic cane sugar. Our meticulously tested and rigorous brewing process results in a light, clean, bubbly base brew that’s then combined with any flavor combinations we dream up, ranging from iconic classics to exotic and weird. Then, we can and keg the best versions for distribution. The result is a refreshing and wild flavor experience like almost nothing else. Crisp, clear, without any hint of funk, perfect cold out of the can or mixed up over ice. Just the way we like it.